30 day Practice: Day 23 Can You Feel It?

Day 23 – 30 Day Practice

Can you feel it?

Spring is working it’s way into Alberta – the perfect time to grow and change.

Plan for change – that is the purpose of our vision boards – to become familiar with new thoughts, new ideas – motivated to try new ways of doing things, new behaviours and create new and exciting feelings to keep us motivated.

Although still pretty white around my house I am feeling the stirrings of new growth, the desire to improve and implement new ideas. The energy is gathering.

Homework: Laser in – choose one habit to grow or one behaviour to change. Just one! Expect miracles

Give the gift of light. Shine a little brighter every day.

Although 2017 this pic is one of my favourite vision boards. It could not be simpler – my face on an inspirational page.

It reminds me to live with an open heart.
“Embrace life and life will embrace you!”

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