Your Vision – Your Future

A Vision Quest  – Vision Board Workshop

Companies spend thousands of dollars to identify the vision and direction for their businesses. Hours of time is spent to ensure employees understand and buy in. This is a major factor in determining success.

How much time and effort do you put into the vision for your life.
Vision Boards are a fun way to identify, attract and create the life you’ve always wanted.

Edson – January 27, 2018

Leduc – TBA  2018

Hinton – TBA 2018

Edmonton – TBA 2018


Change Your Mind – Change Your Life

A personal journey of self discovery

Change Your Mind / Change Your Life.
This workshop investigates how the brain works. Why it seems so difficult to change our behaviour in meaningful ways. How stress and busyness affects our health and wellbeing. How we can train our brain to create the change we are looking for.

coming soon

Your Cup Runneth Over

An Exercise in Self Compassion

If you were asked to list all those you love – would you be on that list?

coming soon

Your Life – Your Way



We will explore how we are wasting our energy on our attachments – to the past – to things – to worrying about the future etc.  ‘Totally You’ is about learning how to pull our energy back to be totally about our own life and our own journey. We can have what we want most in life – more health, more wealth, better relationships, a career we love, more excitement, more energy and enthusiasm, more joy and more peace.  

It is totally about you -if not you who? 

It is totally up to you – if not now when?

Edson – April 21, 2018


Your Life – Your Time

To Thine Own Self Be True

Answering the big question, Who Am I?”. What do YOU really really want and how to get it?

coming soon

Your Life In Your Hands

Bridge the Gap

Are your priorities and your quality time all about work? Strategies for balance.

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Live Your Life and Forget Your Age

Ageless Goddess

Living on purpose to stay young at heart and continue living a fulfilling life.

May 15: It’s All In Your Head

 Keynote Speech at Senior’s Conference in Edson Alberta

Your Best Life

Walk the Talk – A walking meditation

This full day workshop spends the morning exploring self talk, awareness and mindfulness practices. The afternoon will be spent practicing ways of being present and mindful in our lives.

Edson; Early June TBA –

Sponsored by Town Of Edson Community Services