“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside – dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” C.G. Jung

How much time and effort do you put into the vision for your life?Companies spend thousands of dollars to identify the vision and direction for their businesses.  Hours of time is spent to ensure employees understand and buy in.  This is a major factor in determining success.

Vision Boards are a fun way to identify, attract and create the life you’ve always wanted.

I’ve been playing with vision boards for years – beginning as a segment of workshops I was facilitating with teens.

They became a part of my life as well –  at the beginning of each New Year. I used them to decide what to leave behind and what to focus on for the coming year.

Now vision boards are a regular part of my planning for business and personal endeavors.

My favourite experience with vision boards happened via my New Years Poster for 2012.

I included pictures of family time, love and laughter, images of fun and nature. Nothing specific just a very general ‘feel good’ focus.

Thumbing through a magazine a picture of a safari / Aussie hat, jacket and  binoculars caught my eye. I liked the ‘feel of it’ so glued it onto the upper left  hand corner of my vision board.  I can still see it there in my mind.

I did not have plans to travel any great distances – although I’d always had a fascination for Kenya and Australia.

In October of 2012 I got a phone call from an old school friend.  “Phyl I am going to Kenya. Do you want to come along?” How could I possibly say no?  Not knowing where the time or money would come I had to trust it would all work out.

Christmas night of of 2012  I was on a plane from Vancouver to Nairobi for an incredible 8 week tour of 6 of the Eastern African countries.

Giraffes at sunset in the Masai Mera were mesmerizing outlined against the oncoming storm clouds.  As the wind increased and the dust swirled we were racing to get back to camp when we came upon a herd of 6 or 7.  Our race stopped dead as we ‘had’ to spend some time admiring these beauties.

Lions ‘hanging’ out in the Serengeti. These two are from a group of about twenty relaxing in the late afternoon.  Our overnight campout fulfilled the wildest dreams of wildlife sightings.  Hyenas on a kill, cheetahs in tall grass, a leopard in a tree, elephants and hippos in abundance along with the multitudes of grazers and birds and smaller wildlife. I felt like I was in a Nat Geo film.

A dhow off the coast of Zanzibar. Very peacefully floating – a serious contrast to the hair raising, terrifying experience of the day before.  A dhow in even moderate waves and wind is not a boat for a landlubber to be sailing in. Pitching and tossing our way home some were sick and I prayed.  All part of an exciting adventure.

Later in 2013 I was asked by another friend if I would be her ‘Plus 1’ at her nephews wedding. Again I was pleased to be asked. “Sure – that would be fun.”

“There’s just one little hitch.  The wedding is in Brisbane.”

Even better.

Again I did not know how I was to find the time or money – but I was willing.

So In March of 2014 I found myself on my way to Australia,  including a 5 day stop over in Fiji, another dream destination. There we were treated like royalty. Look at the flower greetings that were left on our beds every day.  What a wonderful way to be made welcome.

Fiji also included sailing to a private island to go snorkeling and relax and swim.  A glorious way to spend the day.

Australia included meeting new friends, strolling beautiful sandy beaches along the Great Southern Ocean, and managing to drive safely on the left side of the road. We experienced big city life in Brisbane, country living in the Margaret River area, the mining town of Kalgoorlie where my niece and nephew in law hosted us and trekking around the south west coast. As always the very best part is the generosity of people and sharing new experiences.

Childhood dreams realized, within a couple years of adding a photo of a hat, jacket and binoculars to a poster. Was this the magic of the vision board?  Why not. I love magic.

I do know that where attention goes – energy flows.

Our subconscious directs up to 95% of our behaviour – and the language of the subconscious is images.

Vision boards communicate with our subconscious. The image on the vision board – there via my intuition or maybe my subconscious remembering my childhood dreams – was in my focus daily.  I felt joy and excitement when I looked at my vision board.

Of course my subconscious and the universe would want to deliver that to me.

Vision board workshops help you discover what you really want, dissolve the obstacles that may be blocking you and  create the vision in you that will attract your desires.

You too, can have more, do more and be more.

Come join the fun. You can sign up for a scheduled Vision Board Workshop or contact us and we may be able to schedule one in your area at your convenience.  All things are possible.

Phyllis Roberto – Facilitator and Strategic Intervention Coach

Shine a little brighter every day.