Giving and Receiving – The Same Coin

It is not better to give than to receive. If there was no one to receive – who would you give to? They are opposite sides of the same coin and of equal importance.  Look closely – when not open to receive – it is not love we  give but a trade for what we hope to get.  We all want more love in our lives.  We cannot give what we do not have. If we do not love ourselves we will not even recognize love bestowed upon us by others.

You may already be practicing mirror work and getting really comfortable looking into your own eyes with fondness, love and appreciation.  With sincerity saying ” Your name I really really love you.”

The next challenge in mirror work, a full length mirror – with clothes on if you have to – naked if you can, and appreciate every aspect of your body. I’ve included a 15 minute appreciation session that is easily broken down into 1 or 2 minutes daily.

Take some time to really look at yourself and appreciate all that your body has done for you.

Say “Thank you arms for giving me the ability to work and carry – and hold those I love. Thank you shoulders for the burdens you have carried and the loved ones you have supported, the work you have done.  Thank you breasts for being a beautiful part of my femaleness (and perhaps nursing babies). “

Look down to your belly and say “Thank you for taking in all that I give you – good or bad.” Maybe there too are stretch marks from the wonderful ability to give birth.  “Thank you belly for stretching so far for those babies I love so much.”

As a man you too can thank your reproductive organs for making you virile, for creating babies, for giving you pleasure. Phrase it however it appeals to you.

Thank you spine and back for holding me upright and being strong for me regardless whether I treated you well or not. Thank you for bending and lifting and stretching to carry me through all the days of my life. Thank you hips for supporting me and moving me through life, for holding my babies safely.  Thank you butt for being there behind me cushioning the blows. Thank you legs – thighs being sturdy and strong, holding me up and giving me stability. Thank you knees for bending in prayer, in purpose and in fun.  Thank you for taking all the different weights I have been and holding true for me. Thank you ankles and feet for taking all the pressure I have given you and still continuing to serve me. Thank you for giving me the ability to move in this world.”

“Thank you heart for beating strongly day after day, hour after hour without having to be told to, pumping life through my veins. Thank you lungs for breathing in all the air I need to thrive and survive even though I put you in positions that made that difficult.  Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you all my internal organs for clearing out toxins and ensuring I have the nutrients I need for my benefit.”

Add whatever other parts you want to specifically appreciate as you please.

“Thank you beautiful body for being mine, for serving me faithfully, for telling me when you need more care and attention.”

Give yourself a big hug, a smile (might be easy to full out laugh at this point) and say; “Thank you body.  You are beautiful.  I love you.  I really really love you.”

This may be difficult and uncomfortable, certainly you may feel silly or embarrassed in the beginning.  You can start by taking a few minutes every day to be grateful for your body and notice how it functions for your benefit.  Choose any one or a few of the above statements to be a daily affirmation.

Become more familiar and comfortable with the miracle that is your body.  If you have a partner you might ask yourself “Do I know my own body as well as my partner does?”

Note: There may be parts of your body that have been injured, or ill – that you may feel have ‘betrayed’ you.  In these circumstances think about what you have learned from the experience, ask yourself who has come into your life that wouldn’t have, are there areas where you have received or given more love, compassion and empathy that you experienced before?

Remember it is often years later that we realize the benefits of pain, illness, injury and loss. Be willing to be open to the possibility that “Life Loves You”.  Life happens for and through you – not to you. With this belief the gifts you have received will be more obvious and burdens will be lighter.

You will have more love, more joy and more happiness in your life.