30 Day Practice: Day 16 – Gratitude

Day 16 of our 30 day practice. Gratitude

Gratitude and Fear cannot live in the same space.  The longer we make our list of things to be grateful for – the less we will experience anxiety, worry, regret, guilt and fear – which all stop us from stepping out of our comfort zone into the life we truly want and who we want to be.

As you perform your doable action steps and your intuition is showing you new doors and windows of opportunity remember to say “Thank You”.

Yes – say thank you to yourself – for giving you an answer, a solution, a new idea, for helping make progress, creating something new.

When we try to do too much or learn too fast and we feel overwhelmed, confused and stressed – we are dumping cortisol, the stress hormone into our systems instead of releasing feel good hormones. We end up feeling discouraged and even depressed instead of excited and motivated.

Small steps and little consistent improvements activate feelings of reward and achievement – and trigger the release of dopamine the motivation hormone.

Dopamine aids in experiencing pleasure, positive emotions, movement and memory.  We are motivated to do more so we can have more of these good feelings. This also trains the brain to accept change as a good thing so creating new behaviors and habits becomes easier.

Gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgement are sure fire ways to have the brain trigger the release of the feel good hormones.

When you get out of be in the morning to go to the bathroom make it a grateful journey.  With every step say to yourself or out loud “Thank You. Thank You. Thank You”

A simple and easy way to begin creating an attitude of gratitude.

Give the gift of light. Shine a little brighter every day.