30 Day Practice

Day 19 – 30 Day Practice: Self Talk

“Aha! Do you know what your thoughts did last week?!

They became the things and events of this week. The things you thought would be difficult became difficult; easy became easy; boring became boring; and fun became fun. Where you thought there might be surprises, you were surprised. And where you thought there might be land mines, there were land mines.

Bravo! You can add this week to the list of your most creative accomplishments.

Now, can you guess what your thoughts this week are going to do?

You are awesome,
The Universe”

Homework: Today pay extra close attention to your self talk. Remember ABRA – If you have thoughts that are undermining your progress… ACKNOWLEDGE them – BREATHE in energy and light – RELEASE – breathe out stress, anxiety, and all negative charges – ALIGN – Reframe your thoughts into ones that will support the changes you want. It is magic – not only will you feel ‘better’ you will perform better.

Give the gift of light. Shine a little brighter every day.

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