30 Day Practice: Day 6 – Review Day

Day 6 of our 30 day practice.
The 4 r’s
Review / Reflect/ Record / Reinforce
Practice and consistency create change. We all have busy lives.
Today is Catch Up Day.

Review the past week.
Reflect on how you are doing and where you may have blocks. Where you may need to focus more.
Record your thoughts and feelings.
Reinforce the behaviour you need to create long term change – CELEBRATE. Change has to feel good to stick. Give yourself a high 5 and say out loud. “I’m AWESOME”

1. Does your vision board fill you with excitement?
2. Have you taken action – baby steps – and celebrated moving forward?
3. Have you memorized and been using your title or motto as a mantra, incantation or affirmation each day?
4. Is Jim Kwik’s magic ABRA
Acknowledge, Breathe, Release and Align to a new empowering thought helping you kill ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts)?
5. Are you making room for miracles? Embrace the WOW not the HOW.

Give the gift of light. shine a little brighter every day.