30 Day Practice: Day 29 Everyday Miracles

Day 29 of our 30 day practice
We have been spending lots of time on our vision, our dream, getting the right mind set to notice and take advantage of opportunities and allow room for miracles.

Today lets look at how we treat the vehicle we are travelling into the future in. What quality of physical life can you expect within your vision?

We only have one body to carry us through this life. Often our cars are given better, more loving maintenance. For me and I think many it is pain, discomfort or illness that motivate paying attention to my physical well being.

How does your body feel today? Does your body need some attention?

Notice how you love and cherish your physical body? Do you show gratitude for its faithful service regardless of what you throw at it or in it?

Homework: Today pay closer attention to your physical needs – to your body’s desires. Maybe you need more sleep, or to move more – perhaps joyful movement. Perhaps you can relax in meditation, or a massage.

Often we beat ourselves up because we can’t seem to cut out the foods – or non foods – we continue to consume that we know are unhealthy. Do you know it is more important to get the nutrients and water our bodies need than to cut out the less healthy ones? Maybe today you can add a green smoothie into your diet or make sure you are hydrated.

Let’s love our bodies as if they are the only one we will ever have.
Give the gift of light. Shine a little brighter every day.

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