30 Day Practice: Day 25 Day Dream

Day 25 – 30 Day Practice:
Excerpt from Collette Baron Reid’s Blog
“Today is the Spring Equinox. The Light and Dark are equal, a new cycle begins as we grow in hours of day and the Light becomes more powerful.

This time of year always triggers a shift in everyone just as Nature shows us new beginnings and new life so will the natural flow of seasons in our lives, our projects and our dreams begin to naturally evolve.

When new life begins to appear its natural to feel the same compelling drive within us too. Slow down enough to tune into your inner awareness, you’ll sense that urge to spring clean, to make space for new life.

We really begin to feel the pulse of co-creation, abundance and our infinite potential for prosperity. There’s an anticipation, a palpable energy that we can tune into that turns on a switch, like suddenly going from dim and hazy to bright and shiny.

Just like Joseph Campbell said – we follow our bliss and miracles abound.
Is it easy? Well that’s a matter of perspective. Asking “what turns me on?” is answered through experience and being curious, allowing, receptive and playful. You can’t think or strategize this one.”

Homework: Clean it up – open it up – make space for what turns you on.

Daydream. Take a few minutes today to dream.

Give the gift of light. Shine a little brighter every day.

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