30 Day Practice – Day 20

Day 20 of our 30 Day Practice:

“One of the greatest paradoxes of your physical senses, is that your eyes actually show you what you believe, not what you see.

Smoke on that,
The Universe”

Are you noticing and becoming more aware of your beliefs? Are your beliefs supporting you in your vision?

Homework: Walk backwards from the energy suckers in your day – pay attention to the emotional reactions and over reactions and ask yourself – what would I have to believe for this to be true.
E.g. A friend doesn’t call you back as planned. Your internal dialogue goes to “She doesn’t respect my time.” or some other slight that indicates she doesn’t care about you.
Ask quality questions.
Is this true?
You don’t really know – it is a story in your head based on a belief – not fact.
What would you have to believe for this to be true – for you to believe a friend would not respect your time?
Would you not have to believe that your friendship isn’t valuable to them – perhaps that you are not valuable to them?
Where would this come from? Where in your young life have you been told or led to believe you aren’t valuable?
Is this true?
Identify times you have been valuable. It is not possible for such a believe to be based on fact. Everyone has times they have been valuable.
You have now debunked the belief that doesn’t serve you.
Reframe and create a new belief that supports you.
E.g. I am a valuable friend and I show this by …. fill in the blank.

Give the gift of light. Shine a little brighter every day.
Comments and questions are welcome. 

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