30 Day Practice: Day 18 When you teach you learn twice.

Day 18 – 30 Day Practice:

Shall we continue our 30 Day Practice? My apologies for putting you on hold, there was a death in the family. I only hope that all this time has been an opportunity to ‘cement’ your vision even more into who you truly are.

Who is the teacher and who is the student?

“You know what’s kind of wild? At this very crossroads of time and space, more than ever before, there are so many billions of people yearning to awaken, study, and understand the truth about themselves, their divinity, and the magic.

You know what else is kind of wild? Just as this need arose, simultaneously, all over the world, there have appeared the greatest teachers, though in far smaller numbers. Those who are actually living these truths, leading with the example of their lives, and healing those in need through simple conversation.

Want to know what’s even more unbelievable? That you sometimes consider yourself more of the student.

All bow,
The Universe”

When you teach something – you learn it twice.
What can you teach today that will make your vision even brighter?
Homework – Find something within your vision that you need to learn and teach it to someone else. It may be as simple as explaining to someone how you continue to be excited about your new vision. Break it down into steps – you may be surprised how many little steps are involved in keeping your optimism and faith in the future.

Give the gift of light. Shine a little brighter every day.