30 Day Practice: Day 17 – Success

Sorry for the 2 day delay – let’s catch up where we left off.

Day 17 of our 30 Day Practice: Success

Take a few minutes to review each category in your wheel of life. Look for times in your life you have been successful in those areas.

Did you ever have a financial boon or maybe opened a savings account that got added to a bit at a time until you were able to take the holiday you wanted to. Maybe you went out of your way to make a friend feel special and you knew you were being the kind of friend you want to be. Did you stand up for yourself? How about the time you cleared out the clutter to create a calm and beautiful space for yourself and others. Have you ever resolved an issue with a co worker that was even a surprise to you? What about the time you were petrified because a job ended – only to find that even better possibilities came your way.

Chart where you have been successful in your life – in all ways big and small. Relish the memories letting yourself feel that sense of pride and satisfaction – and know that SUCCESS is in you and available any time and all the time.

Good job you!

Give the gift of light. Shine a little brighter every day.

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