30 Day Practice: Day 13 – Signs

Day 13 of our 30 day practice: Signs

Your intuition will tell you when to pay attention. It will let you know when an opportunity arises. Most often we ignore the signs because they are not obvious, and rarely seem reasonable or logical. And often we only acknowledge intuitive solutions in hindsight.
“I should’ve listened.”
“I knew that was going to happen.” 
“I was looking right at it and said to myself, “I don’t need that today.” Now I wish I had it.”
“I should’ve taken that call.”

Listen to your Spidey senses. Intuition does not force itself upon you in a loud roaring voice. Intuition is that wisp, that fleeting thought that flits by in your peripheral vision.

The good news – the more you pay attention, the more you listen to it and follow its lead – the stronger and more obvious intuition becomes.

Most often – even if only in our minds – our answer is no – to change, to events, to people, to anything being different. Our logical, reasonable mind is trying to keep us safe by not allowing anything to change.

One way to practice using intuition is by saying yes to whatever comes your way. Just allow your internal answer to be yes instead of no. Watch how many more doors open, how many more options and choices are available to you. Your mind will race with possibilities.

You can always say no later if you really need to.
Watch Yes Man with Jim Carey.

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