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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”Lao Tzu

Hello and welcome to PRAIRIE ROSE WELLNESS

Whether you were searching for us – or stumbled upon our site while browsing – we were meant to meet.

I’m Phyllis Roberto, facilitator and Strategic Intervention Coach. I am delighted you are here.

Are you living Your Life, Your Way?

Are YOU the driving force in the journey that is YOUR life? Are YOU living it the way YOU would hope to?

Most are not.

Our subconscious mind – the part we are unaware of controls up to 95% of our thoughts, attitudes, habits and behaviours.

MOST people are UNAWARE most of the time.

Like driving miles down the road with no recollection of the highway or scenery gone by, many travel through life unaware of their unconscious thoughts, attitudes, habits and behaviours. The same disappointing patterns are repeated day after day ending in the mystification of; “How did I end up here – exactly where I don’t want to be?”

No wonder the majority of people, even if content or comfortable say they are not fulfilled, in what is THE JOURNEY OF THEIR LIVES.

What’s missing?


The critical elements of a successful journey:

  • A reason or purpose for the trip – why do you want to go?
  • A destination – where do you want to go?
  • A map, directions – how are you going to get there?

Although it is often fun to wander and explore, it can also be very frustrating if there is no direction. Precious time and good humor is wasted on mundane details, backtracking and going places you do not want to be.

Don’t spend your whole life searching…

This is YOUR Wake Up Call. Wake up to YOUR thoughts, attitudes, habits and behaviours. Know the patterns that play out in your life.

With awareness you will SEE CHOICES and have the power to MAKE CHANGES.

At Prairie Rose Wellness we believe YOU already have, WITHIN YOU, everything you need to live that AWESOME LIFE of enthusiasm, excitement and passion that YOU DESIRE and that YOU DESERVE.

Prairie Rose Wellness offers a variety of courses, workshops and one on one coaching.



                        Phyllis Roberto

  Author, Speaker, Facilitator, Strategic Intervention Coach